About The Speaker

Scott Young

, SynED







Scott Young is the President of SynED, a non-profit organization that promotes educational excellence. SynED provides higher education professional services, and facilitates the development of new models of curriculum, industry alliance, service, and delivery. Mr. Young has also been a leader in SynED’s digital badge and compression planning initiatives, and has over 15 years of experience in workforce development, helping companies create competency-based curriculum and assessment programs.

Mr. Young’s recent work with California’s Community College system sparked the Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy Initiative. This innovative program makes California community colleges a catalyst for job creation across the state, while closing the ever-widening skills gap across multiple sectors. This initiative led to the formation of the Cyber-Guild. As a resource utilized by the many partners who work to create educational pathways, the Cyber-Guild helps meet the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals across the globe.

Scott Young is also Interim Director of the California Cyberhub. This virtual, neutral, nimble on-line, collaboration of public higher education, K-12, government, business and military works to enable a future workforce of ethical cybersecurity experts in California.

For over 25 years, Mr. Young has provided results-based technology and operational solutions to the public and private sectors He has advised and work with colleges at all levels, as well as Fortune 100 companies and also served as President, COO and VP of Corporate Services roles in the private sector.

Mr. Young studied Art History, Criticism, and Conservation at the University of Utah.